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Incu-Lab is an organization working on incubation of innovative and creative startups and change-making entrepreneurs, through providing co-working space, courses, training, education channels and multi-layer knowledge.

Creating meaningful and interesting social change is what global citizens needed in the 21st century. Incu-Lab believes everyone can be a change-maker. We inspire dreamers and innovators through adequate training and capacity-building education. We aim to encourage more startups and entrepreneurs from all fields including art, culture, technology, internet, community, social enterprise and so on, to stand out, to integrate and to make impact to society.

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STARTUP 101: How To Raise Funds In The Evolving Venture Capital Landscape

Jude O’Kelly of Mount Parker Ventures, a Hong Kong based VENTURE CAPITAL firm who has made seed investments to GoGoVan& Shopline etc.…

Growth Marketer Conference

Growth Marketer Conference This is the 1st ever growth conference in HK, gathering 8 top growth experts from global & regional startups…

Entrepreneurial StoryTelling: 爽Wifi – Michael x 王朝滴雞精 – Patrick

  會考零分的Michael,於三年前創立爽WiFi, 在沒有人脈沒有知識沒有資源的情況下創業,用三年時間令公司在市場上有一定知名度。 打工仔出身的他,對於企業文化、員工管理,也自有一套理念。關於其創業故事,曾接受多間傳媒報道,包括: 東方日報、經濟日報、明報、經濟一週、 Yahoo新聞、東周刊、Press Logic、 MoneySmart、港故仔、香港仔 、Lion Rock Daily、香港商報、香港01、橙新聞、The Wave 及 TVB Big Boys Club等等。 Michael是2018年度<<最佳僱主>>得獎者之一。 ———————————————————————————— 兩年前,80後Patrick還是一名兼職司機,收入僅夠自己生活,但經過不斷的努力,出色的推廣手法,今日他已經是王朝滴雞精香港總代理商,每年生意額超過千萬。滴雞精更成為近年至潮的補身產品! 在其企業內,Patrick積極鼓勵每一位同事可以隨意將自己的想法提出,沒有階級之分,以提高工作效率及減省會議產生時的不必要時間。  …

Star Entrepreneurs and How to be Game-Changers to Change the World

This event is part of Cyberport’s GEW 2018 Speakers:  Keith Tsa, Director & Co-founder, AppTask  Arthur Chan, Director & Founder, SagaDigits  Ashley…

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Insight Sharing Section


member photo

Mr. Peter Mok

Head of Incubation Programmes, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
member photo

Mr. K. M. Yim

Branding and Marketing Maven
member photo

Mr. James Munro Boon

Founder, Elephant Branded
member photo

Mr. Alan Yip

Managing Director, Guru Online
member photo

Mr. Andy Cheung

Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Hong Kong
member photo

Mr. Sammy Fung

President, Open Source Hong Kong
member photo

Ms. Jah-ying Chung

Chief Executive Officer, Launchpilots (Gold Winner of E2 April 2013 Event)
member photo

Mr. Tsz-wai Loong

Co-founder, Community Power of Narrative
member photo

Mr. Joseph Fernandez

Founder and Executive Director, Trade Without Borders
member photo

Mr. Denis Huen

Founder, G-Innovator Research & Creation
member photo

Mr. Danny Chan

Chief Praise Maker, Praisage (Most Creative Winner of E2 Nov 2013 Event)
member photo

Mr. Wan-leung Wong

Co-Founder, Linkomnia
member photo

Ms. Christina Tang

Global Fellow, Acumen Fund
member photo

Ms. Ellen Pearlman

Director & Curator, 3D Volumetric Society of New York
member photo

Dr. David Chung

Chief Technology Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport
member photo

Dr. Ernest Lo

Founding Director and Chief Representative, Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya – Hong Kong (CTTC-HK)

Change-Making Projects Portfolio

E2: Entrepreneurship Square

ICE Days

Community Power of Narrative

Engage with Barrier (EWB) 無障‧文化啟迪




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