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Incu-Lab is an organization working on incubation of innovative and creative startups and change-making entrepreneurs, through providing co-working space, courses, training, education channels and multi-layer knowledge.

Creating meaningful and interesting social change is what global citizens needed in the 21st century. Incu-Lab believes everyone can be a change-maker. We inspire dreamers and innovators through adequate training and capacity-building education. We aim to encourage more startups and entrepreneurs from all fields including art, culture, technology, internet, community, social enterprise and so on, to stand out, to integrate and to make impact to society.

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ICE: Challenges the Innovative Startups are Facing in the Time of Difficulties

“Challenges the Innovative Startups are Facing in the Time of Difficulties” Seminar 「創新新創在艱苦時期面對的挑戰」講座 This event is part of Cyberport’s GEW 2019  …


IOTA Social Mixer v5: How 5G will make smart cities a reality

IOTA Social Mixer v4: The crossover of IoT and AI

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E2: Entrepreneurship Square

ICE Days

Community Power of Narrative

Engage with Barrier (EWB) 無障‧文化啟迪




Tian Jing Di Yi Lifestyle (天經地義生活館)

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