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Incu-Lab is an organization working on incubation of innovative and creative startups and change-making entrepreneurs, through providing co-working space, courses, training, education channels and multi-layer knowledge.

Creating meaningful and interesting social change is what global citizens needed in the 21st century. Incu-Lab believes everyone can be a change-maker. We inspire dreamers and innovators through adequate training and capacity-building education. We aim to encourage more startups and entrepreneurs from all fields including art, culture, technology, internet, community, social enterprise and so on, to stand out, to integrate and to make impact to society.

Our Latest Events

Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) | 諸神之戰 2016—香港站

諸神之戰2016年是由阿里雲發起的全球精英團隊創業大賽,也是阿里巴巴集團舉辦的最具影響力的創業活動。香港是今年諸神之戰的第三站,香港區比賽由阿里雲主辦,香港科技園、COCOON浩觀和PAPERCLIP香港聯合協辦,我們為參賽者和獲獎選手準備了豐富的獎項和後續支持計劃。如果您已經準備好站在全球舞台的聚光燈下分享你們的創業大計,請現在就電郵至報名! 活動細節: 地區:香港 時間:2016年7月20日(下午二時至五時) 地點:科學園科技大道西5號企業廣場1樓設計實驗室 報名日期:2016年6月15日至6月30日 報名要求: – 公司註冊地在香港; – 公司註冊時間不超過5年且業務還未上市; – 年營業額不超過50萬美元; – 具備清晰的商業模式,創新性的產品或項目,以及增長潛力 比賽形式: – 參賽者需要派一名代表,在評委和觀眾面前闡述自己的項目(包括公司背景、業務介紹、營運模式、遠景等); – 時限為6分鐘,另加3分鐘問答環節; – 比賽以普通話為主(如有需要參賽者亦可以英文或廣東話作介紹);…


Incu-Lab is hosting a dialogue event about “Tech X Social” Entrepreneurship, featuring finalist and award-winning teams in E2 Day 2016! Teams will exchange their ideas and…

Hong Kong IoT Conference 2016

Incu-Lab is Supporting Organisation for HK IoT Conference 2016, organised by GS1 Hong Kong! Being the annual biggest Internet of Things event…

Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2016 「亞洲智能手機應用程式大賽 2016」

創格工房是香港無線科技商會(WTIA)主辦的「亞洲智能手機應用程式大賽 2016」的支持機構。未來活動包括: 1) Asia Smartphone Apps Contest Forum & Information Session – “The State of Mobile and App Monetization” and Sharing by…

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Insight Sharing Section


member photo

Mr. Peter Mok

Head of Incubation Programmes, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
member photo

Mr. K. M. Yim

Branding and Marketing Maven
member photo

Mr. James Munro Boon

Founder, Elephant Branded
member photo

Mr. Alan Yip

Managing Director, Guru Online
member photo

Mr. Andy Cheung

Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Hong Kong
member photo

Mr. Sammy Fung

President, Open Source Hong Kong
member photo

Ms. Jah-ying Chung

Chief Executive Officer, Launchpilots (Gold Winner of E2 April 2013 Event)
member photo

Mr. Tsz-wai Loong

Co-founder, Community Power of Narrative
member photo

Mr. Joseph Fernandez

Founder and Executive Director, Trade Without Borders
member photo

Mr. Denis Huen

Founder, G-Innovator Research & Creation
member photo

Mr. Danny Chan

Chief Praise Maker, Praisage (Most Creative Winner of E2 Nov 2013 Event)
member photo

Mr. Wan-leung Wong

Co-Founder, Linkomnia
member photo

Ms. Christina Tang

Global Fellow, Acumen Fund
member photo

Ms. Ellen Pearlman

Director & Curator, 3D Volumetric Society of New York
member photo

Dr. David Chung

Chief Technology Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport
member photo

Dr. Ernest Lo

Founding Director and Chief Representative, Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya – Hong Kong (CTTC-HK)

Change-Making Projects Portfolio

E2: Entrepreneurship Square

ICE Days

Community Power of Narrative

Engage with Barrier (EWB) 無障‧文化啟迪




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