ICE PITCH @ FinTech 2017 at InvestHK FinTech Education Week

Oct 27, 2017

2017 ICE Pitch

Are you an Entrepreneur or a FinTech startup looking for ideas, business or technology breakthrough while creating social change? Or you might be an individual or a student passionate about FinTech looking for opportunity to collaborate?

Calling for Entry! DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 24 OCT (TUE) 11:59pm!

In partnership with FinTech Education Week (Oct 30 – Nov 3) organized by InvestHK, Incu-Lab is once again holding the “100-hour Hackathorn + Pitching Event” – ICE PITCH @ FinTech 2017.

Our aim is to generate FinTech ideas and promote the growth of FinTech startups in the ecosystem.

We welcome all innovative INDIVIDUALS & TEAMS with change-making FinTech ideas or existing products / services to join the showcase.

Don’t miss the chance to participate in this FinTech x Change event in Hong Kong! Enter the ICE PITCH @ FinTech to gain exposure, learn from mentors, site-visit successful FinTech and pitch to investors.


Join ICE PITCH @ FinTech 2017 now via TWO TYPES of entry.

People Team

‘Team Entry’ if you are an innovative FinTech startup team (working on Asset Management, Capital Markets, Crypto-currencies, Financial Inclusion, Insurance, Lending, Payments, Peer to Peer, Platforms, Security & Authentication or anything related to FinTech) and looking for idea, business or technology breakthrough while creating social change.

Download form here:

People Indiv

‘Individual Entry’ if you are a change-making entrepreneur / student passionate about FinTech and looking for opportunity to collaborate with an existing FinTech startup

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Application Deadline: Oct 24, 2017 11:59pm

Event Period: Oct 27 – Oct 31, 2017

Meet up – Oct 27 (Fri), 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Hackathorn – Oct 28 (Sat), 10:00am to 6:00pm

Pitching – Date: Oct 31 (Tue), Time: 7:00pm to 9:30pm

Venue: InnoCenter


Language: English


Speaker Alan Yip 2

Alan Yip, Co-founder and Managing Director, Guru Online

Mr. Yip serves as the Chairman of the Board and co-founder of Guru Online (Holdings) Limited, a publicly listed Internet company in Hong Kong. Guru Online inspires to digitalize traditional business by leveraging creativity and innovation, revolutionizing current market situation. The company thrives as a forerunning powerhouse with collective wisdoms from hundreds of Internet specialists.

Started from 2007, Mr. Yip has founded Guru Online to launch a high-growth online marketing platform that enables brands to reach diverse customers. Guru Online is also one of the pioneer companies in Asia to leverage social media platforms in business. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with branches in Beijing and Guangzhou, Guru Online has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. With Mr. Yip’s remarkable management and leadership skill, Guru Online has successfully evolved into a regional enterprise publicly listed in Hong Kong in 2015. Guru Online has recently invested and started incubating Internet startups in selected high growth potential sectors of several traditional industries.

Prior to the foundation of Guru Online, Mr. Yip worked at Procter & Gamble Hong Kong Ltd. (P&G), the world’s largest multinational consumer goods company. He has devised shopper and retail marketing strategies for international FMCG brands. During his duty as the Regional Marketing Director of La Souhait Cosmetics Group, Mr. Yip has successfully led the team in delivering effective business portfolio strategies, brand management and initiatives.

Mr. Yip graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong; he has also studied the Entrepreneur CEO program at The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

Speaker Edwin lee 2_工作區域 1

Edwin Lee, Founder and CEO, Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management

Bridgeway Group was established by Edwin in 2001 as a business broker and builder. In 2015, Edwin successfully transformed the business into the first SFC-licensed asset management company in Hong Kong that focuses on giving investors a new way of investment, by focusing on its core strength in prime shop investments, with type 1(Dealing with securities), type 4 (Advising on securities) and type 9 (Asset management) regular activities licenses under Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Limited. Bridgeway and Edwin were also twice featured as business case studies: “A Launching Pad for Entrepreneurs” and “The Dynamics of Innovative Entrepreneurship” by the University of Hong Kong which were listed under Harvard Business Review in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Speaker Eugene Chan-01

Eugene Chan, Lecturer in Social Media Studies & Former Social Media Head in Public Utilities

Eugene Chan is a digital strategist focusing ono social media, public engagement and social communications.

He previously served in-house as PR manager of MTR Corporation, playing the role of social media strategist. He headed up a compact team to work with a range of communications and operation colleagues, as well as managing digital consultant firms. He monitors, strategizes, plan and manages the public utility’s digital communication platforms.

Before that, Eugene was the Co-founding Head of Edelman Digital in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which is Edelman’s social media consultancy.

Eugene does not only have extensive knowledge in social media, but he also maintains a good relationship with staff, bloggers, key opinion leaders of key online media and social media platforms across the region.

He also brings extensive experience in managing various online media campaigns, benefited by his in-depth knowledge and understanding of digital media communications and consultancy towards social communities.

Eugene currently serves as Lecturer in post-secondary institution in Digital & Social Media Marketing courses and is also its Workshop Programme Director.

Speaker Arthur Chan_工作區域 1

Arthur CHAN, Director, SagaDigits

Arthur CHAN is a passionate believer of data technology and an enthusiastic advocate of commercial application development.

Graduated with a First Class Honors in Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Arthur was an exchange scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and later obtained a Graduate Diploma in English & HK Law (CPE). For more than 10 years, he has been working closely with top global companies in Hong Kong and China in mobile commerce, e-commerce and big data area.

Arthur founded SagaDigits in 2016 to provide Big Data solutions to businesses and thus effectively improving people’s life. He worked on projects such as predictive analysis for finance and commercial enterprises, designing an online-and-offline Big Data project to improve distributor performance for a global company, and implemented a WeChat Big Data user analysis for a top 50 Chinese company. His expertise has lead him to become a speaker for the Internet of Things Dialogue (2015), the Hong Kong OpenSource Conference (2016) the DBS Business Classroom (2017) and he is a Board Member of Internet of Things Alliance Hong Kong.


Jeff Au-01

Jeffrey Au, Chief Strategy Officer / Care-Taker

Jeffrey Au belongs to the 1st generation of creative-force in e-business, e-content and mobile business when the technology, Internet and telecommunication boom started in the exciting 90’s.

He is involved in the development and advocacy of most of the pioneer digital products and services in Internet’s earliest stage, including Internet content portal, e-commerce, search engine, push technology platform, digital community, mobile gaming, mobile utilities and other most novel digital services in the development of Chinese Books Cyber Store (1st online shopping store in HK), China Dotcom (1st HK/China based listed company in Nasdaq), Hongkong Dotcom (listed company in HK), Taiwan Dotcom, Netscape search engine, AOL Hong Kong, Cable & Wireless-Hong Kong Telecom’s various digital setups, YesMobile’s mobile application services, etc.  He is also involved in public policy advocacy, including research, engagement, partnership and education in various settings of thinktanks and consultancies.

His life goal is to evangelize people about the significance of fulfilling human needs with services that are embedded with humanistic elements, thus creating solution with human touch.  He is the partner and startup care-taker in the angel setup of Angels and Incubators, developing talents and incubating startups in the community of startups, digital entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. He serves this community through performing as the judge in the Mob Ex Award 2012 (Marketing Magazine), as judge in Hong Kong-Shanghai Hackathon 2012 (HK Cyberport), as judge in Stereoscopic 3D Competition 2012 (HK Cyberport), as vetting committee member and mentor in the Young Business Hong Kong program (HK Federation of Youth Groups), as judge in HKUST 2013 One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition, and various roles in other entrepreneurship and incubation platforms.

Speaker Kevin Shee

Kevin Shee, CEO & Founder, The SC Storage

Kevin Shee introduced the mini storage concept to Hong Kong, launching SC Storage in 2001. Today it is the biggest storage service provider in Hong Kong, more than 18,000 rooms in 65 different locations providing a wide variety of collateral services including transportation, mail delivery and small offices.

In 2009, Kevin Shee won the Innovative Entrepreneur Award, he also won the Young Entrepreneur Award of DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards in 2011. In 2015, Mr. Kevin She becomes President of Innovative Entrepreneur Association.

Speaker Rafal-01

Rafal Czerniawski, Co-founder and CEO, IC Studio

Rafal Czerniawski is currently the Co-funder and CEO of IC Studio, a startup incubation studio based in Hong Kong, a Co-founder of the Betatron startup accelerator and early-stage startups Reach-All and Hopsee as well as CTO at QuickSpaces and a technology advisor for several local startups. A seasoned technologist who breathes and eats softwats, Refal was previously CTO and Head of Electronic Trading for CLSA.

Rafal has passion for the application of technology to change the world, driven by a constant hunger for execution and new ideas. Rafal holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Newcastle.


About Hong Kong FinTech Week

Hong Kong will host its second annual Hong Kong FinTech Week at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to accommodate an expanded programme of events and activities that will highlight the distinctive and dynamic qualities the city offers the global Fintech community.

This year, Hong Kong Fintech Week will be the first of a series of three consecutive weeks of Fintech activities in Hong Kong to be attended by regulators, entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups, academics and service providers from Hong Kong and around the world.

Week 1 – Hong Kong Fintech Week (23-27 Oct) – start-up funding to IPO, China Fintech, Blockchain and AI, cybersecurity, RegTech, InsurTech and WealthTech,etc.

Week 2 – Fintech Education Week (30 Oct to 3 Nov) – events include hackathon, job fair, Shenzhen visit, educational tours among high schools and universities.

Week 3 – FinovateAsia 2017 (7-8 Nov) – pitching to an audience of investors, entrepreneurs, service providers and other stakeholders.

For more information, please visit Hong Kong FinTech Week website.

About ICE

ICE stands for “Innovation and Change-making Entrepreneurship”, it aspires to bring innovation gurus and successful entrepreneurs to share about their experience and insights on change-making entrepreneurship.

A wide range of topics are covered by seminars organized by ICE, such as “How to Build a Digital Strategy for the Biggest Online Newspaper in HK and Monetize IT” by Mo Chung (General Manager, Digital Sales at Next Mobile, Apple Daily) and Christina Lo (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Apple Daily), “The Entrepreneur Scene and How Incubators Think What a Good Startup Should be ICE” by Felix Lam (Managing Director, Red Chapel Advisors), “Innovation in Social Enterpreneurship of the Past 3 Years” by Francis Ngai (Founder and CEO, Social Ventures Hong Kong), and recently, “Being the Top Firm on Digital Consulting and Production! How to Build the Most Successful Startup in Hong Kong” by Alvin Lam (Founder and Group CEO, PacificLink iMedia Group & T12M Ventures).

Incu-Lab ICE Days is an idea-sharing marathon about change-making innovation and creative entrepreneurship for local and international audience of innovators and entrepreneurs.

A wide range of topics are included: open source, open data and social media development; trends of creative media industry; innovations in agriculture, social economy and city planning; the stories of tech startups, companies and social enterprises; techs that can help the underprivileged and all sorts of ideas that can change the society in an innovative way.

The Incu-Lab ICE Days is part of the StartMeUp Week and is supported by InvestHK of HK Government.



ICE 代表 「Innovation and Change-Making Entrepreneurship」。ICE致力邀請創新業界行尊和成功創業家分享他們的變「格」的經驗和心得。

ICE講座主題廣泛,例如Mo Chung (General Manager, Digital Sales at Next Mobile, Apple Daily) 及 Christina Lo (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Apple Daily)主講的「How to Build a Digital Strategy for the Biggest Online Newspaper in HK and Monetize IT」、 Felix Lam (Managing Director, Red Chapel Advisors) 主講的「The Entrepreneur Scene and How Incubators Think What a Good Startup Should be ICE」、Francis Ngai (Founder and CEO, Social Ventures Hong Kong) 主講的「Innovation in Social Enterpreneurship of the Past 3 Years」發最近的Alvin Lam (Founder and Group CEO, PacificLink iMedia Group & T12M Ventures) 主講的「Being the Top Firm on Digital Consulting and Production! How to Build the Most Successful Startup in Hong Kong」。