[Event Review] E2 Tech X Social: Innovation for Inclusive Society – Keys and Opportunities

Nov 15, 2016
Jeffrey Chung

On Nov 15 (Tue) 7-9pm, Incu-Lab successfully hosted E2 Tech X Social: Innovation for Inclusive Society – Keys and Opportunities, a fruitful dialogue event about “Tech X Social” Entrepreneurship as a part of 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Week, organized by Cyberport.

Globalization leads to more culturally and economically diversified societies. Our past winning startup teams shared their ideas and views on how to apply technological innovation for building a more caring society amid the increasingly diversified society in Hong Kong, and thus achieve ‘social inclusion’. Keys and opportunities for creating “Tech X Social” innovations, as well as the future prospects for startups to enter the Asian and global market, were thoroughly discussed.

E2 is the 1st crossover platform in Hong Kong where the tech and social sectors meet! It aim to encourage entrepreneurs to create crossover innovative ideas, products and different types of entrepreneurship (Tech x Social) so that ultimately entrepreneurs can achieve both goals of creating innovative tech products and solving social problems with social innovation.

Incu-Lab would like to thank Cyberport for inviting us to host the seminar again as part of GEW. Also, we would like to thank our Strategic Partner HKSTP, Supporting Organisations, Education Partners and Media Partners for their unfailing support and encouragement.


Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia, introduced their environmental protection campaign and social impact created


Jamie Chiu introduced ‘The Brightly Project’ which aims at reducing the ‘suck’ for teens experiencing depression, shame, and loneliness


Jonathan Leung introduced ‘SMART GERIATRIC’ which provides a cloud-based platform for elderly care institutions who aim to enhance the elderly care service quality through the use of modern technology


Koen Munneke introduced ‘GROM’ which sells stylish custom orthopaedic sandals


Wan Leung Wong introduced ‘TinyBoy 3D Education Project’, aiming at through the process of making can transform education by inviting students to go beyond being consumers of education


We had a very delightful and insightful panel discussion in which the audience eagerly threw out various questions concerning some interesting topics such as ‘internet security vs. privacy’, ‘capitalism vs. socialism’, how technology innovation benefits / brings harm to human / society etc.

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