[Volunteers WANTED!] Event coordinators for Powering Sustainability campaign with Tesla

Dec 02, 2016
Jeffrey Chung


Incu-Lab is supporting Social Career who is looking for individuals passionate about new ways of volunteering and interested in gaining some event coordination experience.

The goal of this campaign is to create social awareness and encourage more professionals getting involved in volunteering and contribute back to the community. On the event day, corporate volunteers will be collecting unsold bread from bakery shops and convenience stores across the city, and deliver them to various elderly homes, shelters and homeless people. Tesla owners will act as volunteers as well and drive these volunteers to pick-up and deliver the bread.

Your role on the event day is help registering corporate volunteers and Tesla drivers, help them with signing up on the Social Career app and give them a quick demo. Also you will help to oversee the general operations of the corporate volunteers leaving for bread pick-up.

Date: 2 Dec 2016 (Fri)

Time: 3:00PM – 9:00PM

Places are limited! Click here to register asap!