Incu-Lab 創格工房 X GS1: Trend and Direction in Smart Hong Kong Innovation 〈智能香港〉創新的發展趨勢與方向

Dec 28, 2015
Jeffrey Chung

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  • Introduce to you the Best Smart Hong Kong Award! / 介紹「最佳智慧香港獎」!
  • Look into smart Hong Kong development trend and direction! / 為你解構香港智能創新的發展趨勢與方向!
  • Four award-winning teams doing demo! / 四隊獲獎的新創團隊進行產品展示!

Incu-Lab is working with the Hong Kong Government and GS1 Hong Kong in doing a seminar to promote smart Hong Kong, smart city and smart app. Four award-winning startup teams will be doing demo and sharing their insights on the trend and direction in Smart Hong Kong Innovation.

In particular, the seminar will introduce the Best Smart Hong Kong Award (including big data app, public info app and Internet of Things app) organized by GS1 Hong Kong in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016, established and steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO).

Join us, get to know more about the teams and the Best Smart HK Award!

Participants at the event day, please bring along at least fifty cards for exchange purpose.





Startups 新創團隊:

1. Rex SHUM: Co-founder共同創辦人, Insight Robotics

2. Ryan YEUNG: Founder創辦人, Happy Retired 

3. Benjamin CHEUNG: Founder; Editor-in-Chief 創辦人兼主編輯, The Typewriter

4. Alan SO: Founder; Sales & Business Development Director 創辦人兼銷售及業務發展總監, Lively Impact


Date:28 Dec, 2015 (Monday)



Langauge:Cantonese 廣東話

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Please bring along at least 50 business cards for exchange purpose. 參加者請於活動當天帶備至少50張名片作交流之用